Gone Fishing...

Look ma, a new post.

So, I stumbled onto here just to see if it still exists... For whatever reason I can not see friends pages, it suggested I update to the new format.. Then I was only able to see locked posts from friends, and then, only a few, and recent.

Well, nice to see the site is still here...

This year has been very taxing. We have new laws every day making us safer and safer and safer. Soon we will be so safe we may as well be chained to a bed.

Thinks I would do as normal daily events are one by one becoming actions behind closed doors for fear I am breaking a law without even knowing it.

We are looking our local governing bodies to a larger 'one rule' power. Dismissing the contract that the country was created under, and the diversities that it would offer, getting closer and closer to a one size fits all government.

This is going to be a black mark in history, I just hope to make the best of it and survive the ride.
Gone Fishing...

about that time...

It seems I have not babbled on here in a while.

I am not dead yet; if that changes I will post it on thattime.com (or have someone else... I did acquire this domain just for that morbid reason.)

I am upset that my eMac is becoming useless. I use it mostly to stream youtube (it is smoother then my windows machines) but now youtube is warning me that they will stop support for my browser, and the 4 that that do support will not work on my Mac's OS.. (sniff)

Well, I only have it because it worked, and just so I could say I had a MAC :-)

I have not been flying for a few months now... last few times I flew I lost my wire cutters, one time they took my screw driver on my keychain away... I fear what I will loose next...

I fear the internet bill that is working its way through the system... soon to be a law... Actually warned up my modem and called some BBSs. (Tried to call on my VoIP line, but it would not fly, so I had to use the land line.) Had to get in practice in the event I need to go old school...

It is amazing how many stupid laws have come to play over the years... I am afraid to sneeze at times fearing that soon there may be a law against it.

I love that I can youtube/google a song/video in a realtime fashion, but fear that if I take my photos to wal-mart to print I may wind up in court.

Anyway... Have a good day.
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Gone Fishing...

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On that note. I am happy that SCIFI took on 'dead like me' But I am unhappy that they have those annoying breaks for stupid things I do not want to buy... I like it better on showtime.

Thank goodness for TIVO.

PS. Aqua Team Hunger Force Rocks
Gone Fishing...

Have Fun or Die Trying.

So last Sunday I went to register havefunordietrying.com

But paypal was down.

So I put it off till today.

F'n someone else registered the domain on the 19th.

F'n AOL registered my domain.

AOL... AOL...

Smacking head.

I hate AOL.