John Ang3l (johnangel) wrote,
John Ang3l

about that time...

It seems I have not babbled on here in a while.

I am not dead yet; if that changes I will post it on (or have someone else... I did acquire this domain just for that morbid reason.)

I am upset that my eMac is becoming useless. I use it mostly to stream youtube (it is smoother then my windows machines) but now youtube is warning me that they will stop support for my browser, and the 4 that that do support will not work on my Mac's OS.. (sniff)

Well, I only have it because it worked, and just so I could say I had a MAC :-)

I have not been flying for a few months now... last few times I flew I lost my wire cutters, one time they took my screw driver on my keychain away... I fear what I will loose next...

I fear the internet bill that is working its way through the system... soon to be a law... Actually warned up my modem and called some BBSs. (Tried to call on my VoIP line, but it would not fly, so I had to use the land line.) Had to get in practice in the event I need to go old school...

It is amazing how many stupid laws have come to play over the years... I am afraid to sneeze at times fearing that soon there may be a law against it.

I love that I can youtube/google a song/video in a realtime fashion, but fear that if I take my photos to wal-mart to print I may wind up in court.

Anyway... Have a good day.

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