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This is my mortal coil?

Anyone have change for a idea?

John Ang3l
29 February

To have fun or die trying!

This is my story. While from time to time I may embellish the truth to make my life sound more entertaining, if you read between the lines you will get an idea of what is really hapening.
Hey, it worked for Don Quijote!
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13, 201, 420, 666, 69, 714, 973, adult swim, aeon flux, angel, ani, animal crackers, animaniacs, art, b movies, beavis and butt-head, bed wrestling, beige boxes, beige boxing, best friends, biking, biology, blue boxes, blue boxing, bumper boats, c0dez, carpi diem, cheese in a can, climbing, close friends, cna, computers, cookie dough, cookie sushi, crayons, cross country pogosticking, danger mouse, days off, ddial, defcon, dna, driving, driving fast, dumpster diving, extreme sports, f/as\t, fm transmitters, fm transmitting, frosting in the can, full contact chess, good friends, hacking, hacking the airwaves, ham radio, hiking, impulsive road trips, individual wrapped stringletts, industrial, inline skating, insence, jello, jetsking, kontrol faktory, lazer tag, little rubber baby buggies, long distance bowling, making out, marshmellows, mathmatics, max headroom, movies, multi-syllabic names, music, nin, offroading, oil massages, oxygen, paintball, palm, palm pilot, pet rocks, photon, phreaking, phun, pink fuzzy bunnies, pirate radio, poptarts, rafting, rain, rave, ren and stimpy, ren faire, reniassance faires, roller coasters, rollerblading, rollercoasters, sailing, science, scooby-doo, shinai, sigue sigue sputnik, silly puddy, silly string, snapple, snow skiing, social engineering, southpark, stringcheese, sunsets, sushi, technology, the beach at night, they might be giants, thunder, thunderstorms, tivo, toast, ultrazone, underwater basket weaving, unix, virtual world, water, water crafting, water skiing, whip cream, women, writing on shoes